Pension Guesthouse Bora Bora


Suggestions here are very simple and practical. You will find yourself on a remote island so think of it as an austere adventure.
You will need snorkeling gear, (mask, snorkel & fins) and don't forget thick water socks for walking on the coral which is sharp. We can arrange scuba diving, jeep and lagoon tours on the main island. You'll find a well stocked grocery store there as well.
We do unfortunately have mosquito's and repellant is a must. Bring long sleeve t-shirts, slacks/sweats and socks for night time lounging. A good flashlight and book light for reading is highly recommended. A pair of binoculars is also great to have. If you have the space, bring a small telescope to view the night galaxies. I guarantee it is that spectaclular.
We offer a fine assortment of French wines that are sold by the bottle. Our kitchen is very adept and offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners. Vegetarian dishes are also available.
Snorkeling at Bora Bora Snorkeling at Blue Heaven island Lagoon walking
Long sleev shirt Mosquito repellent Night sky in bora bora
Tuna Tartar Tahitian raw fish with coconut milk
Because of our remoteness we offer a package where we can drop you off at the Bora Bora airport so you can catch it's hourly shuttle to the main island. This gives you the opportunity to shop, explore, and view the beautiful island of Bora Bora at your leisure.